Pet insurance company goes public

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Trupanion Inc. has now started trading on the New York Stock Exchange and is off to a strong start. At a time in which pet insurance is truly beginning to take off throughout Europe – though not yet as much in the United States – an insurer has now gone public in the U.S., and its initial successes appear to reflect the opinion of investors that Americans are ready to start purchasing coverage for their dogs and cats in considerably larger numbers. At the moment, only about 2 percent of…

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Pet insurance company, Trupanion, is gearing up for an IPO

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The provider has now filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an offering of up to $75 million. Trupanion Inc., the large American pet insurance company, has recently announced that it is planning an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange, and has now made its filing. This insurance company will be listed on the exchange under the “TRUP” symbol. The intention of the pet insurance provider is to raise up to $75 million for its IPO. That said, that figure is not set in…

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Pet insurance from Trupanion has now made it to Delaware

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The most rapidly growing animal insurer has added yet another state to its list. The second largest pet insurance company in the United States, and the fastest growing, Trupanion, has just announced that it has expanded into Delaware and that animal owners can begin purchasing policies in that state. The policies have become available through the company’s website as well as over the phone. Trupanion stands out from other pet insurance providers as it operates with terms that are different from other companies. For example, it has lifetime coverage available…

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Trupanion pet insurance provides first product for nutritional supplement and therapeutic pet food coverage

The fastest growing and second largest pet insurer in the country, Trupanion, has announced that it is now offering coverage to pet owners for nutritional supplements and therapeutic pet foods that are designed to improve their pets’ health. This step makes the insurance company the first one to offer coverage for the use of these therapeutic and preventive efforts for pets when they are available exclusively through veterinary clinics and hospitals. These additional benefits will now be a part of the core coverage provided by the policies and are available…

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Trupanion pet insurer raises $9 million to improve customer service and widen sales force

The Trupanion pet insurance company has raised $9 million in financing, with funding coming primarily from the Highland Consumer Fund, but also from Maveron, a venture capital firm from Howard Schultz. The insurer provides pet coverage to owners in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States. It provides coverage for 90 percent of medical care from a veterinarian should the protected pet be injured or fall ill. Premiums for a mixed-breed dog at three years old are typically around $40 per month. Trupanion explained that it intends to use the…

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