Texas health insurance covering more than ever, except the poor

texas health insurance

The state has been very successful in decreasing the size of the uninsured population but not among the lowest income groups. The number of people without Texas health insurance has been steadily falling since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. However, this is not the case among the state’s poorest population. Though Obamacare has been helping people to purchase health plans, those with low incomes are staying uninsured. This failure to successfully decrease the number of low income residents without Texas health insurance has made the state a leader…

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Texas homeowners insurance companies increase rates

Texas homeowners Insurance

The state is already the third most expensive in the country and now the prices of coverage are headed up again. Three Texas homeowners insurance companies have announced that they will be increasing the premiums that they charge for providing coverage for the properties of the residents of the state. These new and higher rates are going to be going into effect for new and renewal policies. The affected Texas homeowners insurance customers are those who have their policies with Allstate, Farmers, and State Farm. These three home insurers each…

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Texas Insurance Commissioner Rathgeber receives approval

Texas Terrorism Insurance news

Within her first 18 days in the position, Julia Rathgeber was able to obtain the Senate’s approval. Although Julia Jeffrey Rathgeber has only just been appointed the Texas Insurance Commissioner, she was able to do in only 18 days what the previous person in that position wasn’t able to do in her entire 140 days of the regular legislative session. The vote was held on Friday and it has now been announced that the Senate has given its approval. The vote was held by the Senate Nominations committee in order…

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Insurance news from Texas includes commissioner leaving role

Insurance news - Eleanor Kitzman Texas Insurance Commissioner

Eleanor Kitzman has announced that she will no longer be maintaining her role in the regulatory agency. Insurance news is being made at the head of the Texas regulatory agency as Eleanor Kitzman has announced to her staff that she will no longer be continuing in her role as the state’s commissioner. Today is the final day of her time as a commissioner as it is the closing date of the legislative session. Kitzman is not able to continue serving after today, as it is the last day of the…

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Texas Windstorm Insurance Association at the heart of new controversy

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

Email about Texas Windstorm Insurance Association sparks turmoil There is turmoil in Texas after an internal email from the state’s Department of Insurance suggests that property insurance rates may be on the rise. According to the email, which comes from Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman, the agency is weighing its options with the beleaguered Texas Windstorm Insurance Association and may be looking to raise rates on properties along the Gulf Coast to help remedy the organization’s financial troubles. The email has raised concerns amongst consumers, advocacy groups, private insurance companies, and…

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