Insurance claims for Texas storm damage could be in the billions

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The industry has predicted that when the spring flooding eases, there will be massive devastation left behind. The spring storms that have been relentlessly tormenting Texas will soon be sending their costs over to insurers as policyholders begin to make their insurance claims for the flooding and other types of damage that have been left behind. The damage estimates have shown that there will be billions of dollars in insured damages. Those estimates include only the types of expense that will likely be covered by insurance claims. The total damage…

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Texas insurers consider rate hikes to offset losses from disasters and theft

Texas has been hit hard by recent natural disasters. From the continuing drought that grips much of the southern and western parts of the state, to flooding from Louisiana hurricanes further to the east, the insurance industry has taken a major financial blow. With insurance reserves falling, many insurers in central Texas are beginning to consider raising rates in order to offset losses. Disasters may not be the only factor contributing to rate increases, however, as there has been an increase in thefts last year. Insurers are beginning to feel…

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