Texas governor signs so-called “rape insurance” bill signed into law

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State Farm insurance company sues A...

The new coverage restriction requires women to have to pay for a supplemental plan to cover non-emergency abortions. Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has now signed House Bill 214 into law, passing a bill critics say will require women to have to pay for rape insurance. The law restricts abortion insurance coverage so that women will need to pay for a supplemental plan if they want to be covered for the procedure in non-emergency circumstances. Democratic opponents of the bill condemned it for forcing women to have to pay…

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Abortion insurance coverage limits passed in Texas House

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Women in the state will need to pay an additional health plan premium to include non-emergency abortions. Texas abortion insurance coverage will soon involve an additional health plan premium for women who want this added protection. The Texas House recently passed a new bill. It would mean that non-emergency abortions, what opposition are referring to as “rape insurance” will require women to pay more. House Bill 214 received early approval in Texas making it more likely that women will need to pay more for elective abortions. The additional abortion insurance…

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