Usage based insurance encourages safe driving among young motorists

Car insurance for young drivers

IMS has now launched its Young Drivers Intelligence program for road safety among teens. Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) has announced the release of its first Young Drivers Intelligence (YDI) program that is working alongside one of the largest auto carriers in the United States for usage based insurance. The goal is to help to encourage new drivers to make safer driving choices. The program applies usage based insurance technology, where the driver behaviors are monitored through a wireless device that transmits data back to the insurer. This monitoring rewards drivers…

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California auto insurance companies join with Commissioner to improve teen driving safety

Teen Driving

teenSMART makers working to improve the 100 deadliest days for adolescent motorists Commissioner Dave Jones held a press conference regarding California auto insurance safety for young motorists, in conjunction with industry leaders and experts to help to try to encourage safer driving practices during the 100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers, which starts before the beginning of summer. Jones was joined by the CEO of ADEPT Driver (maker of teenSMART), Dr. Richard Harkness, AAA Insurance, and retired CHP officer, Bryan Lilly, who has teenaged children. They worked together to try…

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Mobile commerce application uses GPS to reduce distracted driving behaviors

Young Driver auto usage based Insurance

The new patent-pending mobile commerce Drive Save Mode app reduces the risk posed by distracted driving. Mobile commerce has stepped up to help encourage safer driving behaviors with a new app that was launched in Las Vegas called Drive Safe Mode. The new application has already been downloaded by many adults, parents, and teens, and has attracted a great deal of hype as even nonprofit organizations are using the app to encourage greater precautions against distracted driving. This new technology has already outperformed the achievements of previously released apps that…

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Allstate survey shows that U.S. drivers are confident in their driving abilities despite their dangerous habits

A new study from Allstate Corp. suggests that U.S. motorists may not be as skilled of drivers as they may think. The study shows that the majority of Americans consider themselves to be good drivers with safe habits. This notion is contrary to the evidence compiled by Allstate that suggests otherwise. How the auto insurance industry will react to the study is yet to be seen. Whether the study will serve as inspiration for drivers to improve their habits is also unclear. Allstate studied more than 1,000 adults in the…

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