Insurance industry must take the digital age seriously

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Report highlights the changing behavior of consumers around the world Improving digital engagement may be the key to success for the insurance industry, according to a new report from PwC. Consumers throughout the world are becoming more digitally oriented, relying on the online realm to conduct their daily lives. These people shop online, communicate with their loved ones online, and even work online, and if the insurance industry cannot cater to the changing needs of digital consumers, it may risk losing its ability to engage customers effectively. Consumers are favoring…

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Software is making the insurance industry more efficient

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Technology is becoming a powerful tool for insurance companies IBISWorld, a global business intelligent organization, has released a new report concerning the effect that new technology is having on claims processing in the U.S. Claims are nothing new for the industry, but how insurers deal with the claims they receive has been evolving rapidly over the years. As new technology becomes available, insurance companies are finding better ways to manage claims and process these claims at a more rapid pace. Insurers are also become more adept at weeding out fraudulent…

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Telematics could have a major impact on the auto insurance sector

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Automakers are beginning to embrace new technology aggressively Juniper Research, a prominent market research organization, has released a new report concerning the growing popularity of telematics in the transportation sector. Telematics is a branch of technology that is meant to keep track of a person’s driving habits and vehicle information. This technology has become particularly popular in the auto insurance sector, where insurance companies are offering new services designed to promote safe driving and provide consumers discounts for practicing safe behavior. Use of in-vehicle applications is expected to skyrocket in…

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Cyber insurance could be lacking for banks when it comes to protection

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Banks may not benefit from cyber liability insurance as much as they may believe Recent cyber attacks have highlighted the dangers that exist in the digital world. These dangers are still not fully understood, due to the fact that many businesses have only very recently begun the process of “digitizing” themselves. Banks are among those that have only recently begun to grow more digital, and this means that cyber insurance is beginning to attract more attention from these financial service organizations. The problem is, however, that insurance may not be…

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New insurance technology solution introduced by Standish

insurance technology

Standish releases bundled solution for the insurance industry Standish Mellon Asset Management Company, the fixed income investment arm of BNY Mellon, has launched a new collection of solutions for insurance companies operating in the U.S. The collection includes asset management, global custody, accounting, and reporting solutions. Much of the insurance industry has been undergoing a shift to become more reliant on technology. As risks in various markets begin to evolve, technology is becoming a powerful tool in mitigating these risks and the exposure that the insurance industry faces. New solution…

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