Crop insurance could cost American taxpayers record amounts

private Crop Insurance

Droughts and floods could require $15 billion in U.S. taxes to subsidize this year’s program. Taxpayers in the United States may be facing a record breaking $15 billion in order to be able to continue subsidizing the privately operated crop insurance program, following the devastation from massive droughts throughout the Farm Belt, and flooding in other agricultural regions. Congress is currently seeking a way to help to control the skyrocketing costs. It has been a topic of a great deal of debate and discussion as Congress tries to reduce the…

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How to prepare an insurance agency to be sold

The perceived value of an insurance agency is impacted by a number of different factors, but there are three among them that will have the greatest influence. These three critical factors are the same as those that would influence the perceived value of any type of investment, and are: • Market conditions • Pro forma earnings • Risk connected with earnings in the future Market conditions are vital to the sale of any form of investment, and timing can significantly influence the sale’s net gain. The parts of market conditions…

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