Health insurance has made it into the holiday shopping season

health insurance industry

Recently released federal data has shown that there are a considerable number of people returning to the exchanges. Aside from enrolling new health insurance customers, one of the most important achievements that the exchanges need to accomplish are to encourage last year’s customers to return in order to purchase their coverage. This holiday shopping season, enrolling through the insurance exchanges is exactly what Americans have been doing. The federal government has recently released data that shows that consumers are returning this year after having used the health insurance exchanges last…

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Federal health insurance website has been revamped

health insurance agents websites has been refurbished and may be better than it was last year has been refurbished ahead of the beginning of this year’s open enrollment period. Last year, the site sought to offer people throughout the country with access to inexpensive health insurance policies they could find through their state’s insurance exchange. As is often the case, ambitious concepts tend to fail to live up to expectations and the site struggled to accomplish its goal. Severe technical difficulties rendered the site unusable for some people, which left them without…

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