Pool safety is being stressed by Allstate to prevent drowning

pool summer water safety insurance

The insurance company has published a number of tips for safely enjoying swimming throughout the summer. Allstate Insurance has recently released a list of tips to help to help to spread awareness about the right actions to take to encourage pool safety so that swimmers will be able to enjoy the water sport that they love while minimizing both their health and their legal risks. The tips that were assembled by Allstate were based on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). With the goal of using pool safety tips…

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The latest summer insurance news issues for consumers

Insurance News Amy Grant NAIC

Concerns and coverage needs change during the hotter months. Summer is now underway and all of the favorite activities for the hot weather are starting to be enjoyed. However, before you get your vacation fully underway, it’s important to make sure to check with the latest insurance news and know that you have all the coverage you need. Whether you’re buying a boat, renting a cottage, or installing a pool, consider summer coverage needs. All too many people don’t give insurance news statistics a second though, putting themselves at risk…

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The difference swimming pool insurance makes to your monthly premiums

Swimming Pool

How much more will it add to your homeowners coverage? There are a number of different things to consider when you think about swimming pool insurance and how much it will affect the premiums that you pay for the coverage of your home as a whole. Essentially, it is a calculation based on the amount of added risk that the feature brings to your home. Many homeowners discover that it is a good idea to increase the liability limits that they have on their homeowners policy, as well as the…

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