Health insurance options still available to young people before 2014

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The federal healthcare reforms have established a number of new requirements, which must be understood. The Affordable Care Act has changed a number of the regulations in terms of health insurance, and many of them apply to young adults, who could end up having to pay an increasingly large fine if they don’t obtain the appropriate coverage. Young adults are having to learn about their coverage requirements for the first time in their lives. This age group is dealing with a sudden health insurance requirement. They are finding that they…

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The high deductible health plan is becoming the industry standard

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Businesses and individuals alike are trying to save money by increasing their up-front costs. Though a high deductible health plan had once been considered a last resort alternative for companies that had limited resources, are now becoming the new normal, including among Fortune 500 corporations. According to a senior actuary at Towers Watson, Mark Olsen, “A number of employers have looked at this over the last couple of years, and they’ve said, ‘No, this isn’t the year, no this isn’t the year.” However Olsen added that this year, they have…

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Some preventive tests may be covered under new healthcare overhaul, others are not

Though many preventive tests –colonoscopies, for example – are covered by the new healthcare reforms, patients are still being urged to understand various loopholes that still exist, where supplementary insurance can help to prevent unexpected expenses. For instance, though a colonoscopy – a preventive colon cancer screening test – may be covered, if its practice should involve an additional procedure, such as the removal of a noncancerous polyps during the test (which is a very common practice), that additional work is considered to be a procedure and is no longer…

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“SLICE” Pizza parlor insurance now available to restaurant owners

There is a growing trend of specialized insurance and it has now added another branch to its offerings, with a new type of policy – which has been called SLICE – that has been created to provide coverage to pizza parlor owners. The EPIC Programs Group, an insurance brokerage based in California, has announced that the “Safety, Loss, Control, Insurance, Coverage, Expertise” program they offer will now be speaking specifically to the liabilities faced by the owners of pizza parlors who have drivers that make deliveries. The program is already…

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