The high deductible health plan is becoming the industry standard

health insurance

Businesses and individuals alike are trying to save money by increasing their up-front costs. Though a high deductible health plan had once been considered a last resort alternative for companies that had limited resources, are now becoming the new normal, including among Fortune 500 corporations. According to a senior actuary at Towers Watson, Mark Olsen, “A number of employers have looked at this over the last couple of years, and they’ve said, ‘No, this isn’t the year, no this isn’t the year.” However Olsen added that this year, they have…

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Many consumers are opting for a more aggressive approach to health insurance

Health insurance for over 50

Being persistent might pay off when getting your insurance company to pay more but always make certain you have the coverage you need first. Though the rising cost of health insurance over the years seems to be inevitable as the price of medical care increases, some consumers are taking matters into their own hands to try to keep their out of pocket payments as low as possible. This is occurring in the form of a push to insurers by policyholders to pay more for physical therapy. As a whole, the population is…

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