Flood insurance applications soar on Sandy’s heels

flood insurance policies

Following the superstorm, many homeowners have been inquiring about coverage against flooding. As the claims following Superstorm Sandy continue to be managed, insurers are finding that they are being contacted by consumers for an entirely different reason, which is to learn more about flood insurance and to add the protection to their homes. The reality of the risk involved in a potential storm such as Sandy has now become more than clear. Agents and brokers alike are reporting that flood insurance is one of the top reasons that they are…

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Insurance news from Zurich shows a massive $700 million superstorm bill

Insurance news losses

The European insurer has released the figures relating to its claims from Sandy. Zurich has just released its latest insurance news by becoming the most recent insurer to have connected its figures to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, reporting that it is expecting that its net claims will reach approximately $700 million. These predictions are following closely on the heels of the figures release made by AIG. The numbers that were issued by AIG had forecasted that the storm would have generated post-tax net losses of approximately $1.3 billion.…

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