Auto insurance refund on the way to many customers who bought via car dealer

auto insurance refund Senior Man Driving A Toy Racing Car

Suncorp and Allianz will be repaying $63 million to customers who purchased through dealerships. Allianz and Suncorp are required to pay an auto insurance refund total of $63 million to customers who purchased coverage through their car dealers. The repayment is a part of a crackdown from a corporate watchdog worth $120 million regarding financing and insurance add-ons at dealerships. An investigation was conducted regarding many questionable practices such as car dealer sales tactics. Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) senior exec, Michael Saadat, is responsible for overseeing insurance companies,…

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Australia looking at insurance premium increases

Many predict insurance rates to increase in upcoming years for Australians due to a relentless wave of natural disasters thrashing the countryside. How much of an increase is hard to say, analysts and insurance companies are calculating the total financial loss from the Queensland flood and Cyclone Yasi, and will adjust accordingly. Wild figures being thrown out of 30% rate increases have been talked down by Patrick Snowball, chief executive of the Suncorp Insurance Group, the largest insurer of Australia. Stating it’s still too early to tell but insurance companies…

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