Technology is affecting the future of the insurance industry

Auto Insurance Technology

Insurers are beginning to feel the need to embrace technology more aggressively Technology is beginning to shape the future of the insurance industry. Strategy Meets Action has released a new report that highlights the role that technology is playing in various insurance sectors. As various forms of technology begin to play a larger role in society, insurers are feeling the need to adapt, providing new services and products that account for this ongoing trend. Though investments in the tech field have dropped this year, the insurance industry may still see…

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Report shows that more insurers are looking to automate their underwriting process

Strategy Meets Action (SMA), a research and consultancy firm serving the insurance industry, has released a new report concerning underwriting practices in the industry. The report, “Underwriting Automation: Insurer Plans and Trends,” notes that insurance companies are making a move to completely automate their underwriting process. The report draws upon data collected by SMA from 144 insurance professionals throughout the industry. This trend may be a result of insurers being unable to meet underwriting goals due to flaws in their systems. Of those participating in the survey, 21% claimed that…

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