Health insurance exchange in Idaho will be state run

Idaho health insurance

The governor has decided that the online coverage marketplace will be established and operated by the state. Butch Otter, the Governor of Idaho, has announced that he has opted for a health insurance exchange that will be created and run by the state, under the terms of the healthcare law reforms from President Obama. At the same time, the governor did say that it will increase the government and cost cutting will be minimal. Idaho was among a number of states under Republican leadership that chose to hold off before…

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West Virginia opts for the “hands off” approach in new health exchange program

The West Virginian Senate has determined that the state will not be running its own insurance exchange program, opting instead to leave the reins in the hands of the federal government. All states are required to establish insurance exchanges by 2014 according to the Affordable Care Act, but they do have the option to choose whether or not to set it up themselves. The legislation that would pave the way for the exchange was shot down by a close voice vote. State Insurance Commissioner, Jane Cline, along with her office,…

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