Healthcare reforms are about to get a whole lot funnier

Funny or die healthcare reforms

The celebrities from the Funny or Die studios in Hollywood are helping to promote the health insurance exchanges and laws. Hollywood is now doing its part to help the country to get itself ready for the implementation of the latest pieces of the healthcare reforms, as the state health insurance exchanges get ready to go live on October 1. Mike Farah and the Funny or Die studios team are coming up with as many as 20 different projects for this purpose. In order to make sure that the healthcare reforms…

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Health insurance exchanges in 6 states receive federal approval

News on Medicaid health insurance

Obama has given the nod to the marketplaces that have been proposed by states. The federal government has provided its conditional approval to the health insurance exchanges that have been proposed by six states that are moving forward on their versions of the healthcare reforms. Each of the states that have received this approval are led by Democratic governors. These states are made up of Massachusetts, Washington, Connecticut, Colorado, Oregon, and Maryland. Equally, the federal government failed to give its approval to other states that had proposed a partial Medicaid…

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Health insurance companies will pay for exchange participation

Health insurance plan

The Obama administration has announced that insurers will be charged to sell from the online marketplaces. On Friday, the Obama administration announced that health insurance companies will now need to pay in order to participate in the online exchanges so that they can sell their plans to the millions of American individuals, families, and small businesses who will be using the marketplace. The “user fees” are designed to help to pay for the cost of creating and operating the exchanges. Unfortunately, the primary concern is that the cost of the…

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Health insurance debates cause some states to battle within themselves

Health insurance care reform confusion debate

Traditionally Republican states experiencing fissures regarding the health care reform. The debates regarding the health insurance exchanges are making their way into the state capitals, and Republican controlled areas are finding cracks in their lines as new political movements begin to expand within them. States are now making their choices regarding many central elements of the health care reform. Primary among them is the decision as to whether or not they will be running their own health insurance marketplaces online, or whether they will be handing this responsibility over to…

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Health insurance exchanges require massive planning by U.S. Officials

health insurance disclosure tax penalty

They are currently preparing for this enormous task which is rapidly approaching. Officials from the Obama Administration are already preparing for the tremendous task of operating the new health insurance exchanges in approximately half of the states in the country. Those states are the ones where local officials are unable or unwilling to operate it themselves. The health insurance exchanges are the very heart of the health care reforms that were put into place by President Obama. Running them will be an enormous task that had not been expected by…

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States wait on Supreme Court ruling over health care reform

Health Care Reform insurance exchange

The future of their insurance exchanges will depend on the decision that is made. The state based health insurance exchange marketplaces have already faced a stream of roadblocks as they are considered and created in order to comply with the health care reform law of 2010, and now they face yet another hurdle that will need to be overcome. The Supreme Court is expected to give its ruling about the constitutionality of the heart of the law in June. The future of all of the decisions that have been made so…

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States required to submit health care reform plans by November 16 deadline

Health insurance deadline

Insurance marketplace plans must be submitted to the federal government. The states have been provided a deadline of November 16, 2012 by which they must have submitted their plans for their insurance marketplaces as per the regulations of the health care reform. This deadline is a mere 10 days after the presidential election. This deadline was provided within the guidance that was released to the states on May 16, and says that they must show the federal government how they intend to operate their online insurance exchanges. States that don’t…

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