Health insurance deadlines extended in many states to support insurers

health insurance exchange deadlines for rate filings

Providers are being given more time to make their filings due to uncertainty with legislation. The Affordable Care Act continues to stand as it was despite Trumps efforts to repeal it, leading states to extend health insurance deadlines. Without any certainty regarding the White House’s strategy to change legislation, states are giving insurance companies more time to submit their 2018 rates. Among those states include New Hampshire, Colorado and Kentucky, which have moved deadlines to June. The health insurance deadlines in those states had previously been in April or May.…

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Health care reform puts pressure on state’s insurance initiative

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

Pennsylvania insurance program manages to find new life despite health care reform provisions Pennsylvania has been fighting to keep its Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) intact as federal health care reform provisions begin to be enacted. The state program is considered one of the most successful insurance initiatives in Pennsylvania and it has provided insurance coverage for children and their families for some time now. The state is, however, being pressured to expand its Medicaid program, which would make insurance coverage more accessible to those that currently receive coverage through…

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Health care reforms to be made quickly by Wyoming

Health care reforms matt mead wyoming governor

The state was waiting on the election results to make its decisions, and now it must act fast. Officials in Wyoming were waiting to make their health care reforms decisions until after the presidential election results were released, so that they could know that they were basing their choices on a system that would continue to be in tact into the future. Now that they know that President Obama has won the election, they must make their choices soon. One of the major issues that the state officials will need…

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