State Farm auto insurance rates drop in several states (including the most expensive)

State Farm auto insruance rates - Car on coins

The insurer has announced that drivers in many states will be feeling a bit of relief from their rates. State Farm auto insurance rates are falling in a number of states, including two of the most expensive places to drive in the country. Two states that will experience relief over what they had been paying include Michigan and Louisiana. Michigan drivers – who pay, on average, more than any other motorists in the country – will see an average State Farm auto insurance rate reduction of 3.5 percent. In total,…

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State Farm maintains stability regardless of record breaking 2011 storms

State Farm has announced that although they faced a significant number of payments for catastrophe claims from some of the largest events in the quarter century history of the company, it has been able to maintain its financial strength. In 2011, State Farm’s combined net worth fell by $0.4 billion by the end of the year, bringing it to $60.8 billion. This includes the drop by $0.2 billion in the insurance company’s net worth in connection with the unaffiliated stock portfolios of the property and casualty companies. Moreover, those figures…

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State Farm uses telematics to help drivers obtain better car insurance rates

State Farm has announced that it has partnered with Hughes Telematics Inc. in order to give its car insurance customers the opportunity to use an in-vehicle device so that they may lower their auto insurance rates. State Farm is calling the program In-Drive, and uses technology developed by the Atlanta-based telematics company to give its Illinois policy holders a chance to take part in the program starting in September. Other states may also be offered this program in 2012. The features of the technology are comparable to some of those…

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