Auto insurance prices vary widely from one state to the next

Auto Insurance discounts

The states that have the most and least expensive premiums have been revealed by a recent study. It is no mystery that where a driver lives will have a notable influence over what he or she will pay for auto insurance coverage, but a recent study has now identified the states that have the most and least expensive coverage, and there is a vast difference between them. Even with a perfect driving record, location of residence can play a tremendous role in what is paid. For instance, in Louisiana, drivers…

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Auto insurance in North Carolina named one of the least expensive

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Coverage may be costly in Michigan, but other states are breathing easy. Though drivers may be paying through the nose to maintain their auto insurance coverage, North Carolina motorists are paying a far lower percentage of their income into their protection. No matter the vehicle, North Carolina law has lower overall premiums for coverage than most states. In fact, at the moment, North Carolina residents are paying the second lowest portions of their household incomes toward their auto insurance in the entire country. The only state paying a lower amount…

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