The Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

California auto insurance

The United States is known the world over for being full of motoring fanatics with people loving the old and new models, taking them apart and putting in modern add-ons to improve performance, washing them to keep them clean on an almost daily basis and loving their motorsport. With all of this in mind, you would almost expect the US to be relatively cheap in terms of car insurance. You would also expect that annual insurance prices would be relatively similar across the country. However, there are some significant variations…

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Homeowners insurance in South Carolina could see premiums reduction

Homeowners Insurance

A new bill would introduce considerable reform to the property owners of the state. A legislator in South Carolina has taken the first shot at implementing major changes to the homeowners insurance system in the state for the first time in six years, with the goal of bringing down the cost of the coverage. The proposed bill would offer coastal insurers with tax credits and provide consumers with improved comparison shopping. This homeowners insurance bill was introduced by state Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) and will open the debate regarding a…

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Nationwide Insurance falls victim to hacking

Health Insurance Data Breach

Nationwide Insurance customers targeted by data breach Nationwide Insurance has announced that it has fallen victim to a security breach from an intrepid hacker. According to the South Carolina Department of Insurance, the breached compromised the information of thousands of consumers and a significant amount of personal information was stolen from the Nationwide Insurance system. The agency suspects that the hacker stole social security numbers, drivers license numbers, and even dates of birth from consumers in South Carolina and Georgia. Information of thousands of consumers stolen The South Carolina Department…

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Allstate Insurance announces expansion and hiring in the Southeast and Texas

Allstate Insurance Company has announced a number of different areas in which it will be making new hires this year. These include Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, as well as Texas. This large insurer, has said that it is hoping to bring in 124 new agency owners within the Southeastern states. As a part of that intention, it is offering a referral reward of $5,000 to anyone who refers a qualified candidate who receives an appointment this year. As a part of a candidate’s qualification, he or she must…

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Coastal areas will be seeing rate increases by the end of the year

Homeowner’s insurance in South Carolina is expected to rise as the state’s insurers prepare for a busy hurricane season. There is no way to tell whether the 18 hurricanes predicted to form this season will actually reach land, but insurers aren’t taking any chances. Natural disasters in the Southern U.S. have already wrought a terrible toll on the industry, and the year is only half over. Many of the state’s property insurers are now proposing rate increases to help mitigate the cost of potential damage from this year’s hurricanes. The…

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South Carolina health care reform change on the way

South Carolina is taking the first steps to establishing a working health insurance exchange programs. The state is using money it received from the federal government, an initiative to assist in the formation of exchanges, to build a website that will monitor health insurance rate increases. According to state officials, the website will act as a way for consumers to obtain more information on policies. It will also be used to stem the tide of what state officials consider “unreasonable rate hikes.” The state received more than $1 million in…

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