Liability insurance is causing SC drivers to pay more

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The size and frequency of the claims is making coverage more expensive in South Carolina. Drivers in South Carolina are finding that they are paying more than they might have to in other states due to the number and frequency of liability insurance claims that are occurring in the state, and the fact that while those practices are perfectly legal, the current system has placed the state at risk of a certain degree of fraud. There are currently 28 states in which there are not any restrictions when it comes…

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Critics of windshield bill say it will lead to higher auto insurance premiums

South Carolina Auto Insurance – According to critics in the insurance industry, a new bill that would provide consumers with a larger number of options for the prevention of what are being referred to as unfair trade practices by the bill’s sponsor, could lead to higher auto coverage premiums. The primary sponsor of this bill regarding windshield replacements is Senator Jake Knotts, R-West Columbia. Just as HMOs give preference to certain doctors, auto insurers have their own networks of repair shops that they prefer, and to which they send their…

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Can drivers use their vehicles without auto coverage?

Many drivers wonder if it’s legal to use their cars without any insurance, and the answer is that it is possible to do so in many states, as long as those drivers also have a very large amount of cash. In Ohio, as long as you carry a form of proof of financial responsibility, you are legally allowed to drive without any car insurance. To do this, you must either make a deposit of at least $30,000 with the state treasurer, or you must purchase a bond worth at least…

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