Insurance industry social media can define an agent’s success

Insurance industry social media

A massive generation of consumers depends on social and mobile but many agents and brokers aren’t keeping up. From the point of view of the Millennial generation, insurance industry social media is, for the most part, lacking. Sure, the large insurers all have their own Facebook page and Twitter accounts, but many agents and brokers don’t. Failing to provide even the most basic experience on social platforms can be a critical mistake. The main problem with insurance industry social media is that the presence simply isn’t there when it should…

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Latest news for insurance agents about ITC offerings

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Social media services to be offered by the Insurance Technologies Corporation. Leading rating and management services and software provider since it was founded in 1983, ITC, has announced that it is now including the offering of social media marketing among its latest news for insurance agents. This is unprecedented service and assistance specific to these professionals. According to the ITC vice president of products and marketing, Laird Rixford, “Social media requires an investment of time in order to be successful, and insurance agents don’t have a lot of time.” Rixford…

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Insurance agents advised to create customer contact with social media tools

Social media and mobile commerce are becoming increasingly popular among business owners and insurance agents are being advised not to miss the lesson that has been learned by more than half of all business owners already. According to a survey called SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey, performed by Newtek Business Services, The Small Business Authority, which has more than 100,000 business accounts in its portfolio – 2,200 of which were polled – 57 percent of business owners are already working to bring in new customers through the use of social…

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