Health insurance for smokers may be cheaper with electronic cigarettes

smoking health insurance

Some policyholder may be able to dodge increased premiums for tobacco users with these products. The healthcare reforms have allowed health insurance companies to factor smoking into premiums calculations, so that tobacco users will typically be required to pay a higher amount than those who do not. The surcharge every year for this habit can be as much as $5,000 for smokers at higher ages. However, as of yet, electronic cigarettes have not been included in this regulation, meaning that smokers who make the switch to these devices may be…

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Indiana Health insurance may change the way smoking is factored into rates

Health Insurance for Smokers

Employers may be required to charge higher rates for plans covering smokers. Some employers in Indiana have already made the choice to charge higher rates for health insurance plans covering employees who smoke, but labor leaders are cautioning that this could lead to a trend where there is legislation against a larger number of health habits. The debate could impact the way that group rates are calculated within the state. The statewide ban on smoking has been into effect for several months, but there is now a hope among some…

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