Health insurance options limitations annoys small businesses

washington health insurance exchange

As of next year, the only state (aside from two counties) without a “SHOP” will be Washington. In 2014, other than two counties near the border of Oregon, the only state that won’t have a Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), will be Washington, which means that the small employers across that state won’t have health insurance options that will bring them the federal tax credits that would help to keep the cost of the coverage for their workers down under the Affordable Care Act. Although the state has dozens…

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Alabama tax deductions for small business insurance prolonged

Alabama governor Robert Bentley recently signed into law a bill that would extend the state’s existence income tax deductions for small businesses offering health insurance benefits. The new law will apply to the current tax year and state officials hope that it will drive down the unemployment rate. Small businesses all over the country have had to make cuts to the benefits they offer employees. Currently, the state’s unemployment rate is at 9.2%. Lawmakers believe that if they can encourage employers to hire more, many of the financial problems the…

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