Walmart health plans for seniors available in time for 2021 open enrollment

Walmart health plans - Front of Walmart Store

The retail giant is selling the policies for Medicare medical and drug benefits that will begin next year. Walmart health plans are launching through a new brokerage that will make the policies available in time for seniors to enroll during the Medicare medical and drug benefit open enrollment for 2021. Seniors will be able to enroll in this coverage this fall throughout the open enrollment period. The retailer announced the move earlier this week, bringing Walmart health plans into heavy competition within an industry facing a rapidly increasing number of…

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Group health insurance is the top choice for over half of seniors

long term care insurance trends

This option beats out Medicare Supplemental coverage The most commonly purchased health insurance coverage for seniors are Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental plans and Medicare Part D, but recent studies have shown that they would have preferred the group coverage they had through their employers. The Medicare plans provide seniors with protection against medical care costs. That said, over half of the participants of a recent survey stated that they felt that the coverage that they had been receiving through their employer was superior to the protection they had through…

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63 percent of health insurance exchange-using seniors reevaluated their private Medicare plan coverage this year

A study that involved an extended health survey of seniors who bought private Medicare plans through a health insurance exchange showed that 63 percent reevaluated their coverage during the annual enrollment period for 2012 and that among them, 31 percent purchased different coverage. The survey involved the participation of 334 seniors who had previously purchased private supplemental Medicare plans through an insurance exchange. According to the results, the three primary reasons that these seniors decided to reevaluate their health insurance coverage were: • Because they had experienced an increase in…

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New Hampshire: Early retirement will cost more now

The Supreme Court of New Hampshire has approved a bill that would allow companies to charge early retirees for their health insurance coverage. The bill is similar to one that was defeated in 2009 after inciting stiff opposition from the state’s employee associations. Last month, the legislation was being hotly debated with opponents arguing that the bill was nothing more than a ploy to generate more revenue. The court has determined that the legislation will serve no detriment to retiree’s rights. They will still be eligible for pension benefits and…

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