Terrorism insurance is running out on the Las Vegas Strip

las vegas strip terrorism insurance

The federal funds that were helping to insure the area against an attack could soon dry up. Time is starting to run out on the federal dollars that are currently playing a vital role in the terrorism insurance that is helping to cover the Las Vegas strip in the event that an attack should ever occur. Federal and Nevada senators have said that they are now working to renew the federal program. The Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act gives the American government the ability to help to pay for…

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Unemployment insurance bill to extend the coverage in the works

Unemployment Insurance

This is developing into an effort that has bipartisan support as a Republican senator has jumped on the bandwagon. According to the Rhode Island Democrat Senator Jack Reed, he will be introducing a bill that would extend the long term federal unemployment insurance program by three months, and this proposal has a Republican co-sponsor. The hope is that there will be a procedural vote on this topic as early as January 6. Senator Reed discussed the importance of the unemployment insurance bill, stating that “This is not a program that…

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