California hearing focuses on workers compensation system

California health insurance

At a recent hearing in Sacramento of California’s Assembly and Senate brought focus to the state’s workers compensation insurance system. The hearing lasted for more than four hours, much of which was spent exposing the shortfalls of the state’s current system and highlighting the need for extensive reform. California’s Worker’s Compensation Institute (CWCI), a non-profit organization that writes worker’s compensation policies for the state, attended the hearing in order to share its views on the current problems facing the system and to discuss the issue of reform. During the hearing,…

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Newly proposed crash tax spreading throughout the U.S.

The Sacramento City Council, on Thursday, approved a new city ordinance, known as a “crash tax”, affecting out of town drivers. The tax will be levied against visiting drivers that get into accidents and the funds will be given to the fire department’s response services. The fee would only apply in the non-resident driver was found at fault by insurers. Business owners that live outside of the city but still have property within its limits would be exempt from the crash tax. The ordinance has strong opposition and many are…

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