Insurance fraud investigation begins at Uber

insurance fraud investigation uber

The rideshare company is now being investigated after it failed to detect falsified driver documentation. Transportation for London (TFL) has now launched an insurance fraud investigation into Uber, the app based ride share company, after a person successfully used falsified proof of coverage documents in order to become a driver. A whistle blower determined that it was possible to Photoshop insurance cards and pass Uber’s screening. The whistle blower remains unnamed but was already a driver for Uber. The insurance fraud test occurred when that person uploaded fake documents from…

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Auto insurance silence remains commonplace among rideshare drivers

auto insurance fraud

Many participants in these programs are confused about the rules and are uncertain as to what to tell insurers. Despite the fact that the regulations with regards to the auto insurance coverage required by the drivers for rideshare programs such as Lyft and Uber have improved throughout 2014, and many cities have legalized the mobile app based transportation service, Forbes recently reported that many drivers are perplexed by the mixed messages that they have received and continue to opt for silence when it comes to informing their insurers. This is…

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