More people are gaining access to health insurance in Rhode Island

health insurance rhode island

Survey shows that state’s uninsured population is falling The number of people in Rhode Island that do not have health insurance coverage continues to fall. According to a new survey from Gallup, which was commissioned by the state, the number of people using the state’s insurance exchange to find coverage has increased significantly. These people have found that it is easier to find affordable coverage through exchange marketplaces. The exchange has also become popular because it offers access to federal subsidies that can make coverage less expensive. Uninsured population is…

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Lawmakers want to do away with Rhode Island’s health insurance exchange

Health Insurance time decision

Lawmakers want the federal government to control the state’s health insurance exchange Some lawmakers in Rhode Island want to see control of the state’s health insurance exchange ceded to the federal government. The new director of the exchange, however, wants the state to remain in control of the exchange, called HealthSource RI. Director Anya Rader Wallack believes that the state has managed its own exchange successfully, and should continue to do so for the sake of the health insurance market. The Rhode Island exchange has managed to perform well while…

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Health insurance rates set to rise in Rhode Island

Health insurance rates

Higher rates approved by state’s insurance regulators Rhode Island Insurance Commissioner Kathleen Hittner has announced that rate proposals from the state’s health insurance companies have been approved for 2015. Insurers are seeking rate increases in order to balance out the losses that they incur from the cost of medical care. Many people have purchased insurance coverage over the past several months and are beginning to visit doctors and receive treatment for their conditions. In order to recover from the costs of these treatments, as well as other financial issues that…

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Rhode Island Insurance Commissioners wins new powers from the state Superior Court

Rhode Island’s Superior Court has passed a ruling granting the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Christopher F. Koller, the power to regulate contracts between insurance companies and health care providers. The ruling stems from events that unfolded in 2008 when Koller nullified a contract between Rhode Island’s Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance company and the Care New England hospital group. The contract would have brought major benefits to the medical group at the expense of consumers, Koller claimed. In response, Care New England filed a suit against the Insurance Commissioner to…

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New Hampshire: Early retirement will cost more now

The Supreme Court of New Hampshire has approved a bill that would allow companies to charge early retirees for their health insurance coverage. The bill is similar to one that was defeated in 2009 after inciting stiff opposition from the state’s employee associations. Last month, the legislation was being hotly debated with opponents arguing that the bill was nothing more than a ploy to generate more revenue. The court has determined that the legislation will serve no detriment to retiree’s rights. They will still be eligible for pension benefits and…

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Nebraska health insurance debate underway

Tuesday marked the beginning of debates in Nebraska regarding a bill that would ban private insurers from cover the cost of abortions unless customers purchased a separate policy. One of the provisions of the bill would limit insurance coverage of abortions that would have been covered from policies offered by insurance exchange programs. The bill was introduced by Senator Beau McCoy and lawmakers will be debating the proposal for some time. Though abortions would be permitted to preserve the life of the mother, no exceptions are made for instances of…

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