Flood insurance is making a large political splash

Senator Mary Landrieu flood insurance

As the Louisiana Senate race heats up, the premiums being paid by homeowners have become a hot topic. It’s no mystery that flood insurance premiums have been a serious challenge for homeowners in Louisiana, and now the subject has found its place, front and center, in the state’s Senate race. The subject was brought up right at the very start by Senator Mary Landrieu (D), who has continued this push. Senator Landrieu has taken her place at the head of the charge in the effort to hold back the considerable…

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Flood insurance House vote won’t happen in 2013

flood insurance rates

This will hold off the ability for the chance to delay increases, an effort put forward by several states. The most recent efforts that were being made in order to hold off considerable flood insurance rate increases in some areas were spoiled, recently, when the House bill previously submitted by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-Baton Rouge) was withdrawn by the representative, who said that no further action would be taken on the matter before 2014. This most recent action could make it much more challenging for other efforts that had a…

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