Renters insurance missing among 66 percent of tenants

Renters insurance

Two out of every three Americans who rent their home are risking all of their possessions. A recent study has just revealed that only 34 percent of American tenants currently have active renters insurance, which means that the majority of them are taking a gamble with all of their belongings should they ever experience a fire, burglary, or other peril that is typically covered by the policy. Among the most commonly cited reasons that those without coverage gave was cost. However, at the same time that tenants were saying that…

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Renters insurance options that are available when a home is leased

Renters Insurance

What tenants should know about protecting their possessions. Renters insurance is one of the only ways that tenants can protect themselves against the destruction or loss of their possessions while renting an apartment or house. The NAIC says that a tenant’s contents aren’t protected by a landlord’s coverage. One of the most common misconceptions about coverage, says the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), is that the belongings of tenants, contained in the rental property, are covered by the policy of the landlord. Many people think that renters insurance is…

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Understanding the basics of condo insurance

Condo owners, similar to owners of houses, can greatly benefit from the coverage provided by insurance that protects them from damage to their property, as well as from liability. Many condo owners do have questions about condo insurance, however, as it is slightly different from the typical homeowners policy. Though they remain quite similar, there are some ways in which they differ due to the nature of the condo itself. In order to find out what types of insurance are available to your condo, speak with an insurance provider. Many…

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