Reinsurance industry may win subsidies in Florida

homeowners insurance rates grow

Lawmakers consider new subsidies for the reinsurance industry This year, the Florida Legislature will be considering several proposals that could have a major impact on windstorm insurance throughout the state. Lawmakers continue to grapple with a problematic insurance market, where many insurance companies are either looking to raise rates exponentially or abandon certain sectors entirely. Given the ongoing problems with the state’s Citizens Property Insurance organization, lawmakers are eager to address any issues that insurance companies may have, and may be turning to the reinsurance industry to do just that.…

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Texas Windstorm Insurance Association may find new allies

Windstorm Insurance

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association attracting global attention The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, a state-run insurance group that provide coverage for wind damage primarily to properties in coastal areas of the state, has been experiencing financial troubles recently. Financial challenges are nothing new to state-run insurance groups, as many of them offer coverage that is much more affordable than that offered by private insurance companies. Texas Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman, who is in charge of the state-run insurance group, has been traveling around the world in order to address the issues…

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Climate change threatens insurance industry

Natural Disaster damage insurance trends

Climate change may be a significant problem that cannot be ignored Natural disasters are nothing new to the world. Countries have been battered by floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other catastrophes since before they were officially countries. In the world of business, few industries are so well acquainted with natural disasters as the insurance industry. The industry, as a whole, is well versed in the monitoring of weather patterns and has been able to accurately predict the impact an effects of several natural disasters around the world. According to…

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U.S. RE Analytics releases new tool to help insurers manage their risk exposure

Insurance technology with new risk managment tool for industry use U.S. RE Analytics, a consulting firm that provides services to the insurance and reinsurance industries, has developed a new tool that could help some insurance companies manage the cost of reinsurance more efficiently. The tool, called U.S. RE Risk Optimizer, is designed specifically to assist companies that are exposed to catastrophic natural disasters. These disasters have proven to be a serious financial risk over the past two years. Two consecutive years of severe natural catastrophes have caused the price of…

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Reinsurance companies face tremendous losses

Last year, the reinsurance sector was battered down by huge losses resulting from natural disasters. The disasters that lead to the enormous insured losses included the earthquakes in New Zealand, the flooding in Thailand and Australia, and the tsunami following the earthquake in Japan. These were all top events discussed in the most recent survey results from the Reinsurance Association of America. Catastrophe losses considered, the combined ratios for most reinsurers within the group were reported to have fallen. According to the executive director covering property and casualty insurance at…

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New Entrants Adopt AIR Catastrophe Models to Better Manage Portfolios of ILS and Reinsurance Contracts

BOSTON, March 1, 2012 – Catastrophe risk modeling firm AIR Worldwide (AIR) announced that investment companies such as ILS Capital Management are leveraging catastrophe modeling solutions to better manage portfolios of insurance-linked securities (ILS) and reinsurance contracts. “We selected AIR as the main model for our risk management architecture because it is the best solution for modeling a diverse portfolio of ILS and traditional reinsurance contracts,” said Tim Tetlow, president and COO of ILS Capital Management, Ltd. “Its event-driven approach is critical in allowing portfolio correlation and seasonal aspects of…

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MIT and Princeton University researchers say that major storms will become more frequent because of climate change

A new report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Princeton University claims that so called “100-year Storms” could happen as frequently as every 3 to 20 years. 100-year storms are natural disasters of massive strength that leave a great deal of destruction in their wake. Risk modeling firms were the first to popularize these terms to express the potential risks that insurance organizations had to prepare to mitigate. Insurers use the risk assessments provided by modeling firms to price coverage, but this new report could change everything. Researchers…

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