Wallet Overboard: What You Need to Know about Boater’s Insurance

Boat Insurance

With the boating season getting into top gear for another year it is a good time for re-evaluating what boaters insurance you currently have and whether it is good enough to ensure you are not left out of pocket in the event of making claim. There are a few fundamental errors that a number of boat owners make with their insurance coverage and also a fair number of widespread misconceptions, so here is a look at some of those frequent mistakes and how to protect your boat from causing you…

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Off road vehicle insurance sought by ATV Federation in Canada

ATV off road vehicle insurance

The organization is hoping to make coverage mandatory in all of the Maritime provinces. The ATV Federation is made a call to have required off road vehicle insurance for all drivers of these machines, throughout each of the Maritime provinces in Canada, by the end of the year. At the moment, only Prince Edward Island has failed to implement this type of regulation for ATV drivers. This would require the drivers of all terrain vehicles in every Maritime province – including P.E.I. – to have to begin shopping for coverage,…

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Snowmobile insurance and safety reminders released by officials

Snowmobile Insurance news

As the snowy season gets off to a start, riders are reminded to take the right precautions. Now that there has been some significant snowfall in many areas, officials from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have been reminding owners of sleds that even though they may be excited to head out for the first few times, snowmobile insurance and the right safety checks and equipment are just as vital now as they have ever been. The DNR is also reminding these riders to brush up on the riding regulations…

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Understanding your RV insurance

RV Insurance

Making sure your motorhome has the coverage you need for safety and protection. Whether you live in your recreational vehicle year round (full timers rv insurance), or if it is taken out of storage only one time every year for that eagerly awaited summer vacation, it is vital that you make certain that it is always covered by the right RV insurance that will protect you against any potential damage risks. Since a motorhome is more than just a commuter car, there are many unique coverage points to think about.…

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International Snowmobile Safety Week is here and riders are urged to play it safe

The top four manufacturers of snowmobiles have announced their support of the International Snowmobile Safety Week, which runs from January 15 through January 21, this year, and they are hoping to encourage riders everywhere to use their machines responsibly not only this week, but throughout the entire season. The industry has traditionally used this week to advance safety enforcement and education, and they feel that they have been making great strides in this effort. They recognize, though, that snowmobile safety isn’t just something that lasts for a single week, but…

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Snowmobilers are advised to brush up on their safety tips at the start of the winter season

The season for snowmobiling has already edged into starting, with a few storms having already occurred in some places across the country, making it the best time to make sure that all of the right safety precautions have been taken to ensure a fun and safe ride both on and off trails. According to the Maine Snowmobile Association’s executive director, Bob Meyers, as soon as a few storms have occurred, people already start to get their snowmobiles out to ride around in fields and other open spaces. As things truly…

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New dirt bike law may decrease recreational vehicle insurance rates

President Obama has signed a law that is designed to bring some relief to Americans who are affected by a product safety law that was enacted in 2008 in order to prevent children from obtaining toys containing lead. The law went into effect in 2011 and risked prohibiting the sale of four-wheelers and dirt bikes meant for children aged 12 and younger. Businesses selling these recreational vehicles, and the families who purchase those vehicles from them, asked the federal government for assistance in overcoming this struggle. Congress passed House Resolution…

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