Georgia auto insurance rates are headed through the roof yet again

georgia auto insurance news

For the third consecutive year, Georgian drivers will face higher premiums for their coverage. Georgia auto insurance rates are headed skyward once again, making this the third year in a row drivers in the state are paying more. This also makes it the third straight year that Georgia drivers have faced the highest insurance rate increases in the country. For many drivers, this situation has become frustrating but is no longer considered to be surprising. Last year, Georgia auto insurance rates saw the highest increase in personal lines among all…

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Severe weather in Georgia prompts concerns regarding homeowners insurance

Georgia Homeowners Insurance

Double checking insurance policies becomes a priority as weather conditions worsen Severe weather is expected to create some problems in Georgia. Forecasts predict that weather conditions in many parts of the state could be “very dynamic” this week. What this means is that tornados and heavy rainfall could be seen in parts of the state and these events could lead to significant property damage for homeowners. As such, Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens has begun offering advice to homeowners that may fall victim to property damage. Homeowners…

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Georgian insurers to sell out of state policies beginning July 1

Beginning July 1st, insurers in Georgia will be able to sell health insurance policies available across state lines. Other states have been considering similar laws but Georgia is the first to pass such a law. The issue of inter-state insurance policies has been hotly debated for some time now. Critics of the law argue that it will put consumers at risk as most out of state insurance policies that will be up for sale will not meet the standard of Georgia’s strict regulations. On the other hand, supporters of the…

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