Is the end approaching for long term care insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance

Recently, those in the insurance industry have started to look into the future of long-term care (LTC) insurance and the possibility that its own future may not be as long as it could be, especially as one insurer after the next steps its way out of that particular sector. Throughout the last three years alone, MetLife, Guardian, Unim Group, and Allianz, have all backed out of the LTC business. Similarly, in March, Prudential stated that it would no longer be issuing individual policies for that form of insurance. The primary…

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New long term care benefit available to Prudential customers

Prudential Insurance has announced that its long term care coverage products will now include a benefit that offers a program providing personalized, high quality guidance to help them to achieve independent living through a single integrated source. This benefit is known as the Univita Living program, which was created by Univita Health, and is built on a foundation of significant knowledge and research from professionals with significant experience in health and long term care. What the program provides is the ability for families and individuals to locate, coordinate, and manage…

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