Alabama auto insurance law cracks down on uninsured drivers

Proof of Auto Insurance

New auto insurance regulation may make Alabama roads safer In Alabama, a new auto insurance regulation is scheduled to take effect January 1, 2013, which will institute a new system that will make it more difficult for drivers without insurance coverage to be on the road. The new system is expected to crack down on the 900,000 vehicles registered in the state that do not have any kind of auto insurance coverage. According to state law, drivers must maintain liability insurance coverage, but Alabama has been struggling to make sure…

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House committee in Louisiana approves electronic proof of auto insurance coverage

Alabama auto insurance

Louisiana legislation approval gives the go ahead on digital proof of auto insurance coverage. The new legislation says that police must accept both the electronic and print card versions of the proof of car insurance. The House Bill 1130, which was sponsored by Rep. Greg Cromer (R-Slidell) received unanimous support from the Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works. This vote will send the bill along to the next stage of approval, which consists of a debate on the House floor. Chuck McMains, an insurance industry lobbyist, has stated that insurers are increasingly…

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Mississippi House faces another attempt for online computer checks for car insurance

The Mississippi House is yet again moving ahead with a proposal to establish online computer checks to make certain that motorists are covered by car insurance. Last year, former Governor Haley Barbour vetoed a similar measure. Insurance Research Council data from 2009 shows that Mississippi is the state with the highest portion of uninsured drivers in the country, having reached 28 percent. In fact, that is twice as high as the Council’s national average for uninsured drivers. This latest measure was sponsored by Gary Chism (R-Columbus), the House Insurance Committee…

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Proposed legislation in California would allow drivers to use smartphones to prove insurance coverage

State Assemblyman Mike Gatto, a democrat from Los Angeles, has recently proposed new legislation in California, to amend the law concerning the responsibility of motorists to carry proof of their auto insurance coverage with them whenever they are behind the wheel within the state. Assembly Bill 1708 would require California insurance companies to provide a customer’s proof of financial responsibility in a format that is accessible by a mobile electronic device, should that documentation be requested by the individual. This also means that should a motorist be pulled over for…

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Improvements to CLCA underline the importance of insurance for California drivers

Officials in California made an announcement last week which explained a regulation change to help drivers to avoid expensive consequences when they are required to drive immediately after taking out a policy, as those who use the Low-Cost Automobile Insurance (CLCA) program will no longer have to endure the two week waiting period in order to receive their proof of policy. Currently, drivers who have just taken out CLCA coverage must either choose not to drive for the first two weeks of coverage, or they risk being caught behind the…

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