Health insurance complaints rise 30 percent, breaking previous records

Health Insurance Complaints - Frustrated Woman

The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman recorded a striking spike in the number of complaints filed. The total number of health insurance complaints rose by 30 percent from 2016 to 2017, says the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman in Australia. The Ombudsman recorded the massive rise in the number of filings it received, bringing the total to 5750 in 2016-2017. There were many issues involved in the complaints, but the majority were driven by Medibank. The Ombudsman’s most recent State of the Health Funds report said that the “increase of over 1300…

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Health insurance coverage is growing, says Census Bureau

Covered California exchange health insurance coverage

A new report has just been released and has showed that there continue to be fewer uninsured Americans. The Census Bureau has now released its Health Insurance Coverage in the United States for 2015 report. It revealed that last year saw greater progress in reducing the number of people who are uninsured. This maintained a trend that was recorded the year before when there was a considerable plummet in the number of people without a health plan. Last year, the rate of uninsured people fell to 9.1 percent after having…

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Private health insurance out of pocket costs spike sharply

Covered California exchange health insurance coverage

Even with coverage, patients visiting hospitals have found that the expenses they pay themselves are up 37 percent. The results of a recent study are adding even more evidence that private health insurance coverage isn’t stopping rising expenses. The research pointed specifically to high-deductible plans that are a top choice among employers. These keep premiums low but can lead to higher out of pocket expenses. Though this keeps the initial health plan costs down, it can add up at times when claims are made. Researchers from the University of Michigan…

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Mental health insurance helps people to receive depression diagnoses

mental health insurance

People who have private coverage are more likely to receive a diagnosis of the condition than the uninsured. The results of the latest National Health and wellness Survey that was conducted by Kantar Health have now been released and they have revealed that when people have private mental health insurance coverage, they are more likely to receive a diagnosis of depression than is the case among people who have publicly assisted or provided plans. The survey showed that the difference in the diagnosis rate between these two groups is considerable.…

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Health insurance rates to rise 6% for 300K Massachusetts consumers

Cost of health insurance rates

Insurers across the state will be increasing premiums for small businesses and individuals, next year. Health insurance rates in Massachusetts are about to rise by over 6 percent for individuals and small businesses, alike in 2016, which is making many people wonder if the cost of coverage may be heading into an upward trend. This rate increase has already received the approval of the Division of Insurance in the state. Now that it is moving ahead, it will mean that there will be a rise in health insurance rates that…

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Health insurance run by the state rejected by voters in Switzerland

Health Insurance book report law

Recently, Swiss exit polls showed that the country is not interested in dumping the all private system. A recent poll has shown that 64 percent of voters in Switzerland chose not to support the plan to eliminate the current health insurance system in the country that is completely privatized in favor of a strategy that is state run. This was discovered through an exit poll that was conducted on Sunday among the voters. The state run health insurance system was being pushed by parties with left leanings that claim that…

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Study highlights plights of private health insurance in Canada

Canada health critical illness insurance industry

Canada’s private insurance sector may be in need of reform A new study from the Center for Health Services and Policy Research at the University of British Columbia suggests that private health insurance may be inadequate. The study shows that there is a significant gap between the premiums that consumers pay for coverage and the claims payouts that are issued by insurance companies. As such, major reforms may be in order for Canada’s insurance sector in order to make health care more beneficial for consumers. Study shows that there is…

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Health insurance exchanges could gain support from private providers

Health Insurance plans

Problems with health insurance exchanges persist The problematic launch of health insurance exchanges throughout the U.S. has led to harsh criticism against the federal government. Open enrollment for these exchanges began on October 1 of this year and most exchanges were flooded by people looking for information concerning health insurance and the options they had become available to them. The problem, however, was hat most exchanges were not prepared to handle the traffic coming their way, and technical difficulties led to frustration among consumers. Federal government continues to work to…

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Health insurance challenging for children of same sex couples

Same Sex Couples health insurance

The kids of families with parents of the same sex are not as likely to have private coverage as those of opposite-sex couples. According to the results of a recent data analysis, the children of families with same sex parents don’t have the same likelihood of having private health insurance as the children of parents of the opposite sex. The analysis looked into the penetration of coverage among children of various couple dynamics. The analysis was conducted by Gilbert Gonzales, MHA, and Lynn A. Blewett, PhD, from the State health…

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Health insurance measure in Arkansas failed to pass

News on Medicaid health insurance

The state House did not move forward a proposal to use Medicaid funds to purchase private policies. A proposal in Arkansas faced the House but failed to pass as it proposed to use Medicaid money in order to purchase private health insurance to provide coverage to residents of the state within the lower income brackets. The legislation fell short of the votes that it would have required in order to obtain approval. According to an Arkansas House of Representatives spokesperson, Cecillea Pond-Mayo, there were 75 votes that would have been…

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