Healthcare costs for individual patients are dropping

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Though medical spending is on the rise, the amount paid from consumer pockets is falling. According to data released regarding consumer driven national healthcare spending in 2011 – the most recent complete year that this information is available – while the total amount that is actually coming out of the patient’s pocket is shrinking. These new figures from the government show that Americans are paying less for their medical costs. This is the case, despite the fast growth of health insurance with high deductibles, and the increasing employee contributions to…

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Skyrocketing health insurance rates blamed on higher price of medical care

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Rising costs from hospitals and other providers increase spending throughout downturn. Recent research is now showing that the heightened prices that were charged by outpatient centers, hospitals, and other healthcare providers were responsible for sending the cost of health insurance upward at twice the rate of inflation throughout the recession and economic struggle to recover. This was the case even as there was less consumption overall of medical care by patients. According to a Health Care Cost Institute report, In the case of outpatient surgery, emergency room visits, substance abuse…

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