Life insurance proposal for teachers disliked by regulators

insurance benefits teacher

The officials in Florida have spoken out against the plan, voiding “significant doubts”. Regulators of life insurance in Florida have now stated that they have “significant doubts” regarding an unconventional proposal that has been made by a consulting firm for providing teachers in the state with coverage that would be paid for by investors. The offer had been being considered by the Pasco County School District. The decision of that school district had been waiting on the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation’s opinion on the matter, back in May. Now…

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Teachers in Florida offered free life insurance

Life insurance

Unusual offer could give teachers in Florida insurance protection Thousands of teachers in Pasco County, Florida, recently received an offer that may be too good to be true. The teachers were offered a chance to receive life insurance for free with policies being paid for by the Pollock Financial Group. The group has offered to match teachers with wealthy investors that are looking for lucrative ways to invest their funds. For many teachers, the offer seems to be too altruistic, and this has raised concerns among Florida’s insurance regulators as…

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