Oil insurance provided by India to refiners of crude from Iran

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The country will be backing up its own coverage in order to allow refineries to open the doors to Iranian import. India has announced that it will be providing a sovereign guarantee of approximately $158 million (10 billion rupee) in order to back local oil insurance coverage for Indian refineries that are processing Iranian crude. This news was revealed by two government sources, saying that it is hoping to boost imports paid for in local currency. Iran has recently agreed to allow the country to pay for its crude imports…

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Oil insurance ruling for BP withdrawn by appeals court

insurance news Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 2010

The petroleum giant now faces a tremendous setback as the decision was not made in its favor. A federal appeals court has now reversed an oil insurance ruling that had previously been made in favor of BP in a multimillion dollar dispute, which has now provided the petroleum giant with a massive setback, at least temporarily. BP will now be forced to have to look elsewhere in its attempts to defray some of its tremendous disaster expenses. The energy giant is still trying to deal with the ongoing and astronomical…

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