Pet insurance travel coverage added to plans at Hartville Group

Pet Insurance for travel

This has been an outcome of a partnership with Global Pet Plus. The Hartville Group’s new partnership with Global Pet Plus has brought about a first of its kind form of pet insurance coverage in the United States, as travel assistance services have been added to the plan. Hartville is among the oldest as well as one of the largest animal insurers in the country. Through the insurer’s subsidiary agency, the company has now become one of the first American providers of emergency travel assistance within its pet insurance plans.…

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Pet owners can shrink veterinary costs with the right insurance

When it comes to healthcare, it isn’t just the cost of medical treatment for humans that is continually increasing. Veterinary expenses are also on the rise, causing many pet owners to take out animal health insurance in order to help to compensate for it. That said, there is still some debate over when coverage is necessary, and when it may not actually be appropriate. There is also some disagreement about how much coverage is needed. For example, whether a specific pet should have a complete wellness package, or whether only…

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