Holiday pet insurance survey reveals spending explosion

holiday Pet Insurance

Petplan has released the results of its research, which have shown that furry friends celebrate Christmas, too. According to the results of a holiday pet insurance survey that was conducted by Petplan, the majority of animal companion owners would be buying gifts and other Christmas related products for their beloved fuzzy friends to make sure that they aren’t left out of the season’s celebrations. The survey included the participation of 5,385 people who owned cats, dogs, and other animals. What this holiday pet insurance research revealed was that the average…

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Online Insurance Marketplace releases outcome of pet insurance survey

Leading life insurance website for covering individuals with life insurance without a medical exam, the Online Insurance Marketplace, has released the results of a survey that it held to determine how many life insurance customers also insure their pets, called “Do You Have Pet Insurance?” What they found is that sixty percent of the people who took part in the poll and who were asked the questions about pet insurance totalled to, 60 percent answering “yes”. This is not the first of this type of research that has been performed…

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