Dog insurance premiums are more affordable in some cities than others

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These locations are providing agents, brokers and animal owners a substantial opportunity. A recent study has revealed the parts of the country where dog insurance premiums are the lowest. There, pet owners can purchase coverage for their furry family members in an affordable way. Pet insurance can come with a hefty cost, depending on where the policyholder resides. When a beloved pet is injured or falls ill, vet bills can be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. This can require animal owners to have to choose between their financial…

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Does the cost of pet insurance outweigh the cost of pet healthcare?

Over 43 million households in America own a dog. More than 37 million own a cat. They are our companions, our best friends, even referred to as our “kids”. It’s no wonder that we will spend over 45 billion dollars a year to feed and care for them. In 2009 Americans forked out over 12 billion dollars to pay for their pet’s veterinary care. Healthcare for animals is increasing in price almost as fast as it is for humans. The reason is due, in part, to the advancement in the…

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