Companies use pet insurance benefits to draw talent

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Now that cats and dogs are just furry family members, affordable animal health care has become a priority. A recent report in the New York Times showed that pet insurance benefits are becoming a staple offering for drawing skilled employees and encouraging them to stay. While pet insurance is already a growing trend in the United States, employer-sponsored benefits are also taking off. In fact, employer sponsored pet insurance benefits is among the most rapidly growing veterinary medicine trends. These include plans that cover only cats and dogs as well…

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Pet insurance company unveils top 2016 claims for dogs and cats

dog pet insurance company

Healthy Paws has revealed the most expensive payouts it made for veterinary bills this year. The Healthy Paws pet insurance company has now revealed the top claims made for cats and dogs this year. Families found themselves making claims to cover veterinary bills for unexpected emergencies, incidents and illnesses for their furriest members. With high levels of veterinary care can come exceptionally large bills that owners need to pay. These days, dogs and cats aren’t just pets. They are indeed members of the family and their human parents will go…

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Pet insurance is taking off in the United States

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At the same time that people are buying their own health plans, they are also looking into coverage for their animals. Although the health care reform has been in the headlines over the last little while, there has been a broader trend that has been affecting members of the family who don’t happen to be human, as pet insurance has been expanding across the United States. Pet health insurance is growing among individuals as well as among employers who want to attract talent with more benefits. There are a number…

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Pet insurance bill in California could provide industry with regulation

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A new bill in front of the legislature in the state would help to tell customers exactly what coverage they have. Should a new bill that is currently before the California legislature pass, it will mean that pet insurance companies will be required to provide greater disclosure to their customers regarding what precisely will be covered by the policies that they have sold. This type of insurance policy is becoming increasingly popular but there has yet to be an industry coverage standard. Many dog and cat owners are finding that…

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Pet insurance company goes public

pet insurance claims

Trupanion Inc. has now started trading on the New York Stock Exchange and is off to a strong start. At a time in which pet insurance is truly beginning to take off throughout Europe – though not yet as much in the United States – an insurer has now gone public in the U.S., and its initial successes appear to reflect the opinion of investors that Americans are ready to start purchasing coverage for their dogs and cats in considerably larger numbers. At the moment, only about 2 percent of…

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Pet insurance company, Trupanion, is gearing up for an IPO

pet insurance policies company

The provider has now filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an offering of up to $75 million. Trupanion Inc., the large American pet insurance company, has recently announced that it is planning an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange, and has now made its filing. This insurance company will be listed on the exchange under the “TRUP” symbol. The intention of the pet insurance provider is to raise up to $75 million for its IPO. That said, that figure is not set in…

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Pet insurance is helping more pets survive cancer

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According to Aquarium, a software provider for insurers, coverage is contributing to animal survival. According to pet insurance software company, Aquarium, companion animals such as cats and dogs are surviving cancer at a notably higher rate because of the treatments that their owners can afford through their coverage. This has created a direct link between animal health coverage and their cancer survival rate. For the majority of animal owners who do not have coverage, being able to afford cancer treatment for their beloved furry friends would be cost prohibitive. However,…

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Pet insurance company expands annual veterinary awards

Pet Insurance

Petplan has announced that it is now receiving nominations and that it has added an additional category. Millions of people who have cats, dogs, and other animals as a part of their families know the importance of finding the best veterinarian – along with an incredible support team – and one pet insurance company is continuing its annual veterinary awards this year in order to recognize those outstanding individuals. These awards honor not only the best veterinarians, but also the professionals who provide the rest of the care and support.…

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Pet insurance company Pethealth to acquire parts of PurinaCare’s assets

pet insurance claims

  Some of the latter company’s coverage operations have been purchased through this agreement. Pethealth Inc. has just announced that its PTZ Insurance agency subsidiary has now entered into an acquisition agreement with Nestle Purina Claims Processing, Inc. and its PurinaCare services in order to purchase some of its pet insurance operations. The acquisition covers the Purinacare Insurance Services, Inc. operations in terms of certain operations. Those operations are specific to the administration of the pet insurance program at Purina, and the ownership of the rights to the renewals of…

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Pet insurance company names new VP of Veterinary Channel Development

Pet Insurance cat

Petplan has just announced the naming of Steve Shell into this position. Petplan pet insurance has just revealed that it has named Steve Shell to the position of vice president of Veterinary Channel Development. Shell has over thirty years of experience within the industry of animal health in the United States. The top rated pet insurance company, as well as one of the most rapidly growing in the United States has recognized his experience and success at Invervet/Schering-Plough, Pfizer Animal Health, and Merck Animal Health, and took care to identify…

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