Pet insurance tips to help keep animals safe and healthy in the summer

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Summertime heat can be lots of fun, but special care needs to be taken to avoid hazards. As the summer brings its expected heat waves, pet insurance companies remind owners that while this can mean lots of fun in the sun, there are potential hazards connected with the hot weather, too, and care must be taken to prevent health problems. It’s lots of fun to bring a dog to the beach or go for a walk, but remember that they can overheat. High temperatures and not enough water can lead…

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Pet insurance company releases strangest summertime claims info

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Pets Best identifies weirdest filings of the season. Every few months, the oddest pet insurance claims are identified by Pets Best, by its president and founder, Dr. Jack Stephens, who is as also a practicing veterinarian. The most recent summertime examples have now been released by the insurer. According to Dr. Stephens, “The accidents and dangers pets encounter never cease to amaze me.” He added that “We want pet owners to remember that as the weather warms and they’re spending more time outside, they should be extra cautious.” The pet…

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Veterinarians aren’t to blame for the increase in pet insurance claims

Veterinary bills in the United Kingdom are on the rise every year, but this does not necessarily mean that animal care professionals are making a bigger profit from offering the same services that they have always provided, nor can the claim be made that they are charging more money to clients who have insurance. The reason for this is that pet insurance is not a new product. In the U.K., it has existed since shortly after the end of World War II. The only element that is new is that…

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Veterinary Pet Insurance sponsors contest for oddest claim

Veterinary Pet Insurance is sponsoring a competition that allows the public to vote online on the insurer’s website on the oddest pet insurance claims. The winner of the contest obtains the VPI Hambone Award, which will be awarded on September 21, 2011. The annual award received its name from the scenario presented by its first winner, which was a dog that had been trapped inside a refrigerator and who ate a full Thanksgiving ham twhile it was there. Other past winners of the VIP Hambone Award have included a Labrador…

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Pet insurance rates climb as a result of spoiled dogs

Pet owners who over feed their dogs are causing veterinary bills to skyrocket and, as a result, are forcing pet insurance rates to spike right along with them. Insurers of pets have reported that pet obesity – especially in dogs – is causing the animals to suffer from a number of unpleasant and expensive illnesses. Just as is the case with people, dogs suffer from many related conditions when they are overweight. However, because they are smaller than humans, the problems caused by the extra pounds are compounded and come…

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