Auto insurance silence remains commonplace among rideshare drivers

auto insurance fraud

Many participants in these programs are confused about the rules and are uncertain as to what to tell insurers. Despite the fact that the regulations with regards to the auto insurance coverage required by the drivers for rideshare programs such as Lyft and Uber have improved throughout 2014, and many cities have legalized the mobile app based transportation service, Forbes recently reported that many drivers are perplexed by the mixed messages that they have received and continue to opt for silence when it comes to informing their insurers. This is…

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Basic highlights on top four insurance companies to help consumers

Throughout the financial crisis over the last few years, a number of insurance companies faced a significant struggle, leaving people to wonder about the top insurers after having seen the global giant American International Group (AIG) fall apart.  In order to help consumers to better understand the current the insurance marketplace, experts have compiled some notes about the top four leading companies.  Progressive is among the biggest American auto insurance companies.  It provides standard vehicle insurance as well as products for specialty vehicles such as ATVs, mobile homes, motorcycles, boats…

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NICB reveals top cities and states known for suspicious insurance claims

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has released a report that has indicated that almost half of all of the suspicious property/casualty insurance claims made to insurance companies come from California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Michigan. In fact, those five states alone make up 49 percent of the total number of “questionable claims” in the entire country, according to the NICB’s calculations, as presented in the report. The NICB’s definition of a questionable claim is one that is passed on to the NICB by insurance companies who are members…

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