Pennsylvania health insurance exchange launched for consumers in the state

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The state has opened its own marketplace for individuals who need to buy plans. The new Pennsylvania health insurance exchange launched this week, debuting the site where residents of the state can purchase individual plans. This gives state residents a lot more time to shop for the coverage they want for 2021. The new Pennsylvania health insurance exchange opened its doors on Tuesday. Residents of the state who start using right away will have an additional four weeks to compare plans and shop for the coverage they…

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Pennsylvania takes steps to take control over its online health insurance exchange

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The state is making moves to form its own marketplace instead of relying on the federal government. Pennsylvania is taking initial steps to take over control of its own health insurance exchange. From 2014 until now, it has been participating in the federal marketplace. Pennsylvania is hoping to reduce the cost of health insurance by launching its own ACA exchange. The goal of the move to Pennsylvania’s own health insurance exchange is to reduce the cost of coverage to consumers. The idea is to make a state-based Affordable Care Act…

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180,000 Pennsylvanians receive coverage through state’s health insurance exchange

Pennsylvania health insurance exchange

Pennsylvania exchange is performing well More than 180,000 people in Pennsylvania have purchased health insurance plans through the state’s exchange during the first month of the open enrollment period, according to information released by the Department of Health and Human Services. The agency notes that many of the people seeking coverage for the new year were able to find policies using, the federal exchange that serves states that do not operate their own exchange system. Rapidly growing enrollment numbers have also shown that many of the issues that the…

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Pennsylvania health insurance exchange rejected by Governor

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Pennsylvania health insurance exchange efforts put down by Governor Corbett The Pennsylvania health insurance exchange will not be operated by its home state, according to an announcement from Governor Tom Corbett. The announcement comes as the state issues a letter to the federal Department of Health and Human Services. The letter outlines the state’s stance on the Affordable Care Act and its plans concerning a health insurance exchange. The letter notes that the state has no intention of building or operating an exchange program due to the lack of guidance…

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Health insurance exchange delays expected in Pennsylvania

Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine

The state now believes that it is unlikely that it will be able to have its own marketplace prepared in time. According to the commissioner of Pennsylvania, it is unlikely that the state will be ready to implement and operate its own health insurance exchange by the required federal deadline of January 2014. The top official said that there have been too many delays to be able to meet this deadline. Michael Consedine, the insurance commissioner for Pennsylvania, released a statement that explained that the online health insurance marketplace –…

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