New usage based insurance available to Pennsylvania drivers

auto insurance usage based

This pay as you drive coverage lets safer drivers prove their reduced risk for premiums discounts. Auto policies can be quite costly and they are certainly an area in which most drivers would like to be able to reduce their expenses so they can direct that money to other areas of their budgets, and in response to this, usage based insurance products are being offered by many insurers in order to provide those motorists with a greater chance to save. While not everyone can benefit from savings through these auto…

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Pennsylvania Insurance Department aids in recovery after unusual hailstorm

hail pennsylvania insurance

Powerful hailstorm causes significant damage to homes and vehicles in Pennsylvania A massive hailstorm has struck Pennsylvania and neighboring states. The storm is being called a particularly “devastating” event and lead to significant damage to property and vehicles. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has begun working with those affected by the power storm, hoping to assist in the recovery process and help consumers better understand their insurance policies and what coverage they have. The damage caused by the hailstorm is still being assessed. State agency brings in out-of-state appraisers to expedite…

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New legislation could change auto insurance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

Legislation aims to make insurance coverage more flexible A new legislation in Pennsylvania may have a dramatic impact on the way drivers receive auto insurance coverage throughout the state. Senate Bill 1040 has been gaining momentum in the state’s Legislature and aims to make it possible for drivers to provide proof of their auto insurance coverage electronically and sign up for coverage without deductibles. The legislation has managed to acquire strong support from state lawmakers that believe some changes to the auto insurance sector should be made for the sake…

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Pennsylvania Insurance Department provides some tips on surviving Halloween

Halloween Liability Claims

Pennsylvania Insurance Department aims for a safe holiday Halloween is coming and that means there are some scary hazard lurking around the corner. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has seen several problems arise throughout the state when Halloween kicks into full swing. There are several unpredictable elements that go into the holiday that are near impossible to account for. As such, the agency has taken this opportunity to remind homeowners to prepare for whatever may happen by ensuring their insurance policies are up to snuff. Agency provide tips on how to…

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Consumer group warns that insurers may be manipulating claims payouts

insurance industry report

Organization warns that software is allowing insurers to make reduced payments on injury claims The Consumer Federation of America has issued warnings this week concerning software that is often used by many of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. The organization, which works to establish a more consumer-friendly atmosphere in a number of different industries, claims that this insurance system is susceptible to manipulation, allowing insurance companies reduce their payouts concerning home injury claims. The organization has released a report detailing the shortfalls of the system and calling for…

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Pennsylvania Turnpike claims will exceed the trucking company’s $1 million coverage

According to court records, there have been approximately 900 claims made since November, when a segment of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was covered in liquid asphalt when thousands of gallons of the thick, sticky substance leaked out of a truck. That same filing also showed that the coverage from the insurance policy held by the trucking company responsible for the mess will likely not be enough to pay for all of those claims. The primary insurer for MTS Transport, Travelers Insurance, stated that the 40 mile-long spill has said that the…

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