Oregon purchases more wildfire insurance

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Oregon has purchased wildfire insurance to protect against the dry season Oregon is preparing to handle its dry season with the purchase of wildfire insurance. This type of insurance coverage is meant to protect the state from the onslaught of wildfires that could emerge in the state due to dry conditions. The insurance is meant to help cover the costs associated with these disasters, reducing the state’s financial exposure and providing it with some breathing room when it comes to recovery. Insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London will provide $25…

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Wildfire insurance could continue in Oregon, but at a cost

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The state will be able to continue to purchase its unique coverage, but with a higher deductible and premium. Lloyd’s of London has now offered Oregon wildfire insurance coverage of up to $25 million for the upcoming season, but it will involve a greater expense than in previous years and the deductible will be notably higher. For instance, the coverage that will be provided will kick in only after the state has paid a $50 million deductible. After that deductible has been paid, the wildfire insurance coverage being provided by…

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Fire insurance policy used by Oregon to cover wildfires

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The state has already managed to burn its way through the deductible and is being assisted by its coverage. Oregon has now started to reach into its fire insurance coverage in order to help pay for the rising cost of battling wildfires in the state, and this is the second year in a row that it has been required to do so. This year, the number of acres that have been burned down have exceeded the average of the last decade. In fact, the wildfires in Oregon have tripled the…

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