Usage based insurance tracking soon available through OnStar

usage based auto insurance

As of the summer of 2015, a motorist’s driving behaviors can be assessed through its onboard system. Beginning this summer, the OnStar service found in many vehicles will also be capable of tracking a driver’s behaviors as a part of an opt-in usage based insurance program that will make it possible for safer motorists to save on their coverage. This program will provide an evaluation of a driver’s habits over a period of ninety days. Once that time has been completed, drivers will be given the opportunity to take advantage…

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State Farm uses telematics to help drivers obtain better car insurance rates

State Farm has announced that it has partnered with Hughes Telematics Inc. in order to give its car insurance customers the opportunity to use an in-vehicle device so that they may lower their auto insurance rates. State Farm is calling the program In-Drive, and uses technology developed by the Atlanta-based telematics company to give its Illinois policy holders a chance to take part in the program starting in September. Other states may also be offered this program in 2012. The features of the technology are comparable to some of those…

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Mileage tracking feature in the future for OnStar

OnStar will include mileage tracking as part of their service in the near future. Talks have begun regarding this addition. According to President, Chris Preuss, OnStar hopes to use this service as a way to offer insurance discounts to subscribers. The addition of insurance discounts for subscribers is complex. This is because each state’s insurance procedures are different. What might be allowed in one state would not work in another. Preuss feels that with OnStar’s tracking ability, there may be a way to help consumers get even better insurance discounts.…

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